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This year we made a $125 donation to Toys For Tots...

Chris Pesqueira (Founder) from Medford, NY
2007-12-16 11:47:55

We came across this idea from a friend on MySpace. This is a great way to help influence the masses to do more of what they should: Give to Charity when you can. Why bother buying cards that will only be thrown out? It makes complete sense. I got together with my sister and gave to the local Dialysis center where our Uncle received treatment. We also gave to the Hospice center who cared for our Grandmother. Thank you very much for starting this movement, and we will do our part to help spread the word! Charity, Not Cards!

James and Jennifer from Los Angeles and New York
2007-01-11 20:30:15

My family and I donated $170 to Toys For Tots...

Chris Pesqueira (Founder) from Medford, NY
2006-12-22 02:32:05

Hey, Chris. It's a great idea! Me, I like making my own cards for certain people because it is more personal. But if I think about buying a card for someone this season, I will try to remember your idea. Hope this catches on and some good is done in this world. See you back on the WF board. -Jesse

Jesse from Jersey
2006-12-07 02:53:21

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